Is The First Anime You’ve Watched The One You Think?

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Is The First Anime You’ve Watched The One You Think?

Whenever you’re having a conversation or discussion about anime, it is quite common that the question “What was the first anime you’ve watched?” pops up.
Most of us reply rather quickly with a series or movie, but tend to forget that we are more than likely sharing the first anime we’ve watched AFTER learning what anime was in the first place!

I am no exception, whenever I was asked this question I would be very quick to spout out DBZ, (and of course was quite proud of it since DBZ was quite awesome).
However, After running into some random forum thread I found out that one of the series that always had a special place in my heart, and that I, as well as both my brothers who are more than 15 years older than me grew up on, was actually an anime!

It is called 3000 Leagues In Search Of Mother, and is based on the novel “Heart” or “Cuore” in Italian, and was produced by Isao Takahata whom you might recognize from Grave of the Fireflies, and was first televised in 1976.

The story takes place during the depression of 1881 in Italy, and mainly focuses on Young Marco, who lives in the city of Genoa. His father who like Marco is kind hearted, manages a hospital during this difficult economic state, and dedicates most of his time to treating patients who cannot afford such care. This subsequently leads Marco and his family to a financial crisis of their own. Seeing as they are left without any options, Marco’s beloved mother goes to Argentina to work as a maid to help support the family. However, after letters from Marco’s mother stopped arriving just after mentioning becoming ill, Marco who fears the worst, and is also the only member of the family who is free from obligations, manages to sneak into an immigrant ship heading for brazil, and his quest for finding his Mother begins.

Do not dismiss this one as being being too old, this is an epic tale of hardships, love, and courage, and one of the most beautiful and even life changing stories you will ever come across. You won’t regret it.

I only found the opening in my own language (hebrew) but consider it a trailer with foreign music 🙂




Seeing as I can’t find any source that sells it, I think it is acceptable that I share the link to view all 56 episodes (Japanese with English Subs) :


What was your first anime?

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  1. Josh

    My 1st Anime was “Sailor Moon” and I still Love it til this day. There is word that there is a new season.

    • raitoavi

      Wow, I wonder if the new season will work, they sure took a while
      But then again, Sailor Moon has a huge, and loyal fan base.

    • I also have seen Sailor Moon. Which is your favourite sailor? Mine is Sailor Mars! You can E-mail me my e-mail is: sharasamara at ( i just wrote at like that it is actually @ with no space ).

    • Karina

      I watched a lot of anime when I was little but I don’t quite reember the very first one. I used to watch Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon…those were the days…then I stopped for a few years, I don’t remember why and regret it because there are sooo many good anime!! After sometime, I became interested again and the first anime I saw as a movie was “Whisper of the Heart.” From then on I haven’t stopped. Just finished watching Clannad movie, anime, AND after story!! 😀

  2. Vv

    My Interest For Animes Started With DBZ And It Was Years Ago After That I’v Seen More Than 75 Animes Series,But DBZ Still Remains In My Top 10 list,And It Always Will 🙂

  3. Zenaida Seidy Ayon

    My first anime would either be dragon ball z or inuyasha

  4. Sarah

    My first anime, before i even knew what anime was, was pokemon. i still have the first two vhs tapes from when i was 5 and obssessed with it. even now when it comes on cartoon network, even though it’s dorky as hecks now, i’m still mesmerised by the show but hate the newer shows sooo much, seriously why hasn’t ash aged D:. i absolutely love the games, i still have pokemon yellow from when i traded allll my pokemon trading cards for a gameboy and the game on the playground, when i was 10. i’m 22 now, i feel like such an old fart xD lol

  5. Waitingforthebuffer

    My first anime is one of three that I always used to watch and generally still do when I can :). They are pokemon, digimon and beyblade<–the first one

  6. Nori

    The first anime I watched was My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies. The first Anime I watched knowing it was anime was sailor Moon.

    • Nick

      My first anime move was Totoro. Miyazaki is the best asian director of all time. I much prefer the subbed version. I don’t like that he sold out to disney. All of his movies are great.

  7. Angela

    I watched Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), then My Neighbor Totoro

  8. My first Anime was Ranma 1/2 and i still love it!!! I also think that InuYasha is a great Anime to watch over and over again!
    If you have any that are like those could you please tell me? Thank You!

    P.S. Also if you like more “Grown Up” Animes then i would suggest Rosario Vampire and Maburaho. Well watch and enjoy them!

    Bye! Shara

  9. Kurokami3

    My first anime I ever watched was Naruto, and since then, i’ve finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist, Rosario to Vampire, High School of the Dead, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Airgear, Angel Beats!, Baka and Test, Clannad: After Story, Demon King Daimo, A Bridge to the Starry Skies, Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, Inu X Boku SS, My Little Monster, and Say “I Love You”. I keep a list (lol). I saw several episodes of DBZ and Gundam, but never really watched it as a kid, as well as Digimon or Pokemon. I wish I had memories of watching those, but I plan on starting them next. I also wanted to watch Gundam, but after 20 episdoes I stopped because I realized that there’s over 60-70 years of episodes, and wasn’t sure what to do. Can I start at the beginning, or is there a good place in recent series’ I can start at? Anyway, ANIME FTW!

  10. WubWUBDub

    Ranma 1/2 and Pokemon at the same time.

  11. my first anime was ragnarok

  12. my first anime was Yamato nadeshiko. it’s awesome guys! and it’s funny 😀

  13. Tin Bear

    My first anime….. I actually have no clue! I’ve been influenced with anime since I was a toddler, so I don’t even actually know. But the first time I ever remember being so OBSORBED and OBSESSED with an anime was when I saw the trailer for Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. I begged and BEGGED my parents for it. I went to the extent of saying it was all I wanted, because frankly, it was all I wanted. And I will never regret it either. I got the movie, along with another pretty good movie too, Spirit. Other than that, I loved Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh (First Gen… the others aren’t that great) and I didn’t really watch DBZ (It didn’t have a girl-enough appeal to me). But, I’m glad to share anyway. :3 I’ve been watching anime for a long time, finishing a ton of them, and I’ve been drawing it since 4th grade… I’ve greatly improved almost 6 years later. 😀

  14. the first anime ive watched is fushigi yugi 😉

  15. Mira Curtis

    My first anime was Wolf’s Rain.

  16. Kent McClure

    My first anime, even before I knew what anime was, was Kimba the White Lion. The first anime series,when I knew what anime was, was Tenchi Muyo. Since then it has been light hearted fun stuff like Slayers as well as some more serious stuff like Ergo Proxy. I’m a fan of all things Miyazaki and have been pleasantly surprised by Girls Und Panzer, Bamboo Blades, Pet Girl of Sakuresou,and Tiger and Bunny.

  17. my frist anime was yu yu hokusho ! best ever

  18. Hikari

    hmmm.. maybe my first anime that i watch was DBZ .. its actually because of my cousin.. he’s a huge fan of DBZ so because of him, i became an OTAKU — ^_^

  19. I love anime! Especially my all time fav anime show… Hellsing! And also Hellsing Ultimate OVA, and Hellsing: The Dawn. I just love Hellsing!

    If I remember correctly the 1st anime I watched, before I knew what anime was, was Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! (the one with Yugi Moto, Seto Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Tea Gardner, Mokuba Kaiba… I can go on and on about who was all the characters in the show, but I don’t have the time)

    And the 1st anime I watched, after I found out what anime really was, was Wolf’s Rain!

  20. Jeremy Lamperouge

    The first anime I watched was Code Geass because my buddy told me the main character stole my last name. (I swear to got that is my last name) It is spelled differently though.)

    • raitoavi

      That’s quite interesting, what’s the origin of that name? I’m guessing the Philiines, but I could be mistaken.

  21. Mary

    The first anime I watched after knowing what it was was Samurai Champloo (LOVED IT! :D) But when I was small, I would always go on adult swim and saw this anime where the main character kind of looked like Naruto but with cat ears or something. I still have no idea what anime it was! 🙁

    • raitoavi

      Hi Mary, could you possibly be talking about Inuyasha? he actually has dog ears but they look simillar.

  22. stiffy

    the anime id watch in my very first time was the maid sama ! i love that anime movie you know what i want to see that movie all over and over again cause that was my favorite movie !!!!! <3

  23. byron breckenridge

    my first anime was pokemon and digimon

  24. ashlee

    Sailor moon and pokemon are what i watched when i was younger and didnt really know anything about it. Then years later i started watching Bleach naurto black butler oh and death note! I have a lot of favs :p

  25. Tony

    My first anime that I watched and still remember to this day was Ninja Robots and Akazuking Chacha!!! They were awesome but I can find them anywhere…

  26. My first anime was DBZ and i thought that Son Goku was just amazing! I wanted to have muscles just like his. 😀

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