xxxHOLiC Quotes


Everything lives by blending interconnecting and mutually influencing one another.
Even a merely trivial meeting bring about changes of heart and body.

The rock won’t stop after it starts to roll. Until the end of the road.

Normal? What’s normal? To only do what the masses do? And what is the benefit of that? Where is the problem in adopting a custom that is ‘abnormal’ if it has no negative effect on the world at large?
Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC)

It doesn’t matter how much time passes. When you lose a loved one, you never forget it! And you never get over the loneliness! Ghost Woman (xxxHOLiC)

You hold in disgust those who would hurt others…And yet you do it yourself. Looking at the scars you’ve allowed to be inflicted on yourself, I can’t imagine the amount of scars your actions have inflicted on others.
Joro-Gumo (xxxHOLiC)

One day a man had a dream. He dreamed that he was a butterfly. He fluttered and fluttered, flew and flew. He so loved the feeling of freedom… That he decided that he was a butterfly. But when he woke up, he wasn’t a butterfly. He was a human after all. Then the man thought… “I wonder if I, The Man, dreamed that I was a butterfly… Or if this moment is truly the dream. Maybe the man I am now is a dream that a butterfly is having.
Haruka Domeki (xxxHOLiC)

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