X 1999 Quotes



Anime News Network : It’s the year of destiny and 15 year old Kamui Shiro, a powerful psychic, has returned to Toyko after a 6 year absence. He returns to protect his childhood friends, Fuuma, and Fuuma’s younger sister Kotori. But destiny and fate are haunting Kamui and pulling in himself and his loved ones. It is his destiny to decide the fate of the world and mankind, no matter if he wants the role or not.


Why can’t we kill humans? Why is it that killing plants and animals are ok but not humans? Do we deem humans as far more superior than them? Who are we to make such judgments?
Igarashi Satsuki (X/1999)

Everyone will live on inside someone else’s heart, entrusting their
wishes and dreams to those they leave behind.
Shirou Kamui (X/1999)

Nothing is absolute in this world!
Hokuto Sumeragi (X/1999)