World Embryo Quotes



Wikipedia : High-schooler Riku Amami receives a cellphone picture from his dead step sister Amane with a hospital in the background. When he visits the said building, he is attacked by electromagnetic monsters called Kanshus, which travel and reproduce using cellphone signals: if a human hears his cellphone giving off an eerie static sound, his body is then gruesomely converted into a Kanshu or suffers irreversible infection. Riku is saved by two warriors, Rena and Youhei, who wield Jinki weapons designed to destroy Kanshu. During the battle, however, Riku finds a cocoon, out of which hatches a toddler looking exactly like Riku’s dead step sister Amane.


So I woke up, and the world in front of my eyes was neither heaven nor hell,
it was reality.
(World Embryo)