Wolf’s Rain Quotes



Anime News Network : In some distant future, it’s common knowledge that all wolves have been extinct for 200 years. However, it seems this is false as wolves have not disappeared but rather have taken human form. Kiba, a lone wolf, wanders into a city, trying to sniff out the Lunar Flowers that are supposed to lead whoever follows the scent to paradise. The source of the smell is Cheza, a girl who sleeps in what appears to be suspended animation in a lab. She and the wolves are drawn to each other, and Kiba hopes to find paradise once he finds the source of the scent of Lunar Flowers. However, once Kiba finds Cheza, she is kidnapped by a mysterious person called Darcia, and his search begins anew. Before he leaves the city, he meets 3 other wolves, Tsume, Hige and Toboe. All four wolves have very different personalities and ideas, and their friendliness towards each other is a little rough around the edges. However, they soon band together to continue to search for paradise.



When are we born? When do we die? Why are we born? Why do we die? The world has been destroyed and we’ve fallen countless times, always resurrecting from the ashes as Paradise. It has happened before, and it will happen again. An endless cycle of life and death. The world is a Paradise that was opened by someone, but this era too is almost at an end. We have acquired the means to exceed our natural span of life, never suspecting that the world itself was finalized in its existence. This knowledge has left me in despair, my fate has fallen and scattered like the petals of a dying flower, like the blast from a sandstorm it has been worn down and weathered away. As if to be purified, the world will be encased in ice so that it can return to the beginning once more. Paradise is a world that is opened by someone…
Spirit Owl (Wolf’s Rain)

Why do humans always look to the sky? Why do you try so hard to fly when you don’t have any wings?
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

They say there is no such place as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there’s nothing at all. No matter how far you walk, it’s just the same road, it just goes on and on. But in spite of that…Why am I so driven to find it?
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

Dying or getting killed isn’t something unnatural. Living aimlessly without a purpose is.
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

No matter how far you go, the same path lies in front of you.
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

At that moment the cloud of darkness was torn apart by countless arrows of crimson light. It almost looked like RAIN. Cher Degre (Wolf’s Rain)

The world where you will go hand in hand with the Flower Maiden has neither perfect happiness, nor joy, nor life. This is because it also does not contain perfect sadness, nor misery, nor death. What lies in waiting is a paradise for wolves alone, the unclean humans are no more… Come with me; it is time.
Lord Darcia (Wolf’s Rain)

What’s the point of living if it means throwing away your pride?!
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

I don’t have anywhere to go back to. All we can do is keep moving forward.
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

If I can be with you when the world ends, it’ll be enough for me!
Blue (Wolf’s Rain)

Everyone’s gonna die. It’s a natural part of life. But if life has no purpose, you’re dead already.
Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

You know I think I understand now why you and I never had children…on some level we knew the world was ending, it may of seemed like we had found something else to obsess over but the truth is we’d given up on the future. That’s the real reason I was never able to get pregnant.
Cher Degre (Wolf’s Rain)