Welcome To AnimeQuotes 2.0!

Aug 10, 2012 by

Minna, I present to you, the new (and hopefully improved) AnimeQuotes.net!
The site has remained inactive for quite some time and you guys deserve better, I can only hope that I managed to deliver.

Sadly, all the messages that were sent to me via email were deleted, but I have a new email for quotes submission and general questions which you can view in the menu bar.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Josh

    Dude, I love it! Inactive or not I still visit almost daily!

    • raitoavi

      Thank you Josh, the only reason it was inactive was the fact that I didn’t know how to control the old site(it was done by someone else), with this one I can update things whenever I want!

      • Josh

        Sweeeet~ Well, I look forward to seeing the new stuff. I already Love the new site set-up.

  2. EmoKazuki

    Really glad to see this up and running again 😀

  3. houda

    i realy like the old site even if it wasnt active anyway good luck

  4. Sarah

    Did you get the messages i sent you with samurai champloo quotes in them. it took me a little while to collect them since i watch the anime all the way through just to get them D: let me know, please and thank you good sir v .v

  5. androsenigmax

    Please put back the “the most meaningful qoutes ” :L

    • raitoavi

      While that category has been removed, a new post called Inspirational Anime Quotes has a lot of great ones. Thanks!

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