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sket dance quotes



Anime News Network : At Kaimei High School, the Living Assistance Club (AKA the Sket Brigade) was organized to help students with problems big or small. Most of the time, though, they hang out in their club room, bored, with only a few trivial problems floating in every once in a while. In spite of this, they still throw all their energy into solving these worries.


Friends are treasures, help each other and value the bonds you have. Even if someone betrays you, never betray anyone yourself. And if someone’s in trouble, don’t just walk on by.
Ryousuke Kirishima (SKET Dance)

I bet it’s not easy to persevere in one’s goal. I never tried, so I wouldn’t know. But to achieve a goal, one must work hard even when no one is looking. Having a dream might not be all that great.
Yusuke Fujisaki (SKET Dance)

The bully always says it’s a joke, but to the one being bullied, it’s dead serious!
Yusuke Fujisaki (SKET Dance)

I just can’t forgive anyone who hurts my friends.
Sasuke Tsubaki (SKET Dance)