Shinsekai yori Quotes




Anime News Network : In the future Japan has become a fractured country, and small towns now exist. The rulers of this world have the cursed power of Telekinesis. When an incident occurs, 5 children come to realize the world is not as it seems, and learn the bloody history behind this world. These 5 children unite and help the world as it falls into a downward spiral of chaos.


Don’t you think we are being treated more like defective products to be disposed of than like human beings? Once the kiln is opened and the pottery inspected, all that are crooked or bear cracks are fated to be smashed.
Maria Akizuki (Shinsekai yori)

All problems come from the human mind. In the mind, one’s consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface… the subconscious… is far more vast.
Shun Aonuma (Shinsekai yori)

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Either way ,we are like bubbles on the surface of a pond.
Squealer (Shinsekai yori)

We ultimately fear what spawns from within us.
Shun Aonuma (Shinsekai yori)

Let us burn away the last of your worldly desires.
(Shinsekai yori)

Arrogance can plant a seed of sin.
And loneliness can serve as its nursery.
(Shinsekai yori)