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nabari no ou quotes



Anime News Network : Rokujou Miharu is a boy who has a hijutsu (hidden technique) living inside of him. This hijutsu is the power of creation. Many ninja clans are seeking it as the one who possesses it becomes the ruler of the ninja world. Rokujou’s classmate Kouichi started a nindou (“Way of the Ninja”) club at school with Kumohira, his English teacher. Both Kouichi and Kumohira are secretly ninjas. They tried to persuade Rokujou to join the ninjutsu club.


There are three kinds of secrets. Something that you hide at the bottom of your heart because you don’t want it to be mentioned. Something that you can’t say even if you want to. Something that you hope someone asks about even though you’re hiding it.
Kazuhiko Yukimi (Nabari no Ou)

You won’t be able to achieve anything if you worry about everything.
Miharu Rokujou (Nabari no Ou)

Night is good. Appearances lose their meaning and get swallowed up by the darkness.
Yoite (Nabari no Ou)

Because it has powers that surpass everything, a king must cut off his own desires and never use it. Tobari Durandal Kumohira (Nabari no Ou)

The strength of life lies in the possibility of dying.
Kouichi Aizawa (Nabari no Ou)

Humans lose focus of the big picture when they’re drunken in the midst of their feelings.
Tojuro Hattori (Nabari no Ou)

Swords exists for just judging and killing. They can never save others.
Kourin Shimizu (Nabari no Ou)