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Little Busters Quotes



Anime News Network : Little Busters is an adaptation of Key’s romance adventure visual novel of the same name. Riki Naoe was orphaned when his parents died, but his depression is slowly lifted when he befriends a group of kids calling themselves the Little Busters. The series takes place during his second year of high school.


If the world is full of things we never wanted to know, is our only option to look away? You won’t solve anything by looking away.
Kyousuke Natsume (Little Busters!)

Anything can happen. No one ever thinks it will until it does. What will happen, happens. That’s how the world is. The most important thing is to not let the tragedy defeat you. To believe that you can get through it.
Kyousuke Natsume (Little Busters!)

We’ve spent time together that made our hearts dance. But every story has to come to an end. No one can stay a kid forever. Time passes, and people grow up. There will come a day when we will no longer be together.
Kyousuke Natsume (Little Busters!)

A peaceful everyday life hides its fragility. Fear and violence aren’t just something in another world, completely unrelated to us. If a disaster happens, we can’t change it. But as long as we small gears are linked together, we can keep moving forward, even if it’s only one small step.
Kyousuke Natsume (Little Busters!)

Fragility is always lurking behind our peaceful day-to-day life. Terrible things don’t only happen in places far beyond our reach.
Kyousuke Natsume  (Little Busters!)

I’m a broken gear, with no purpose in this world.
Kud  (Little Busters!)