Kino no Tabi Quotes


kino no tabi quotes



IMDB : Kino and her talking motorcycle Hermes travel around the world, visiting different countries for three days each in order to learn about each one.


Though I did not know the place,
I set out to find the land of my dreams,
Having arrived at the land of my dreams,
I found that I did not know the place.
(Kino no Tabi)

The world is not beautiful; and that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty.
Kino (Kino no Tabi)

Someone once told me that watching the birds made them want to go on a journey.
Kino (Kino no Tabi)

The world is constantly changing. And you can’t expect it to stay the same, even for a second. If that’s true, there’s no need for you to go on a journey, Kino. Even if you stay in one place, you’ll be able to keep experiencing the world!
Hermes (Kino no Tabi)

In the hall, there are the critics. We try to keep them away from everyone else, because all they do is expound their store of knowledge. They excite themselves with their ranting, the disapproval fills them with the feeling of importance and sick victory, they thrive on spoiling the pleasure and thrashing the creativity of others.
Chief Librarian (Kino no Tabi)

A whale’s sigh
The dreaming shooting star
It felt like that’s what they were singing.
While everything out there is changing,
the sound of these insects chirping echoes up to the sky.
That’s what I’m listening to right now.
That’s the only thing that’s for certain.
Kino (Kino no Tabi)