A Hidden Gem in Anime Streaming

Oct 30, 2013 by

A Hidden Gem in Anime Streaming

Hi Minna,

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding it more and more tricky to come across reliable, high quality anime streaming sites. Granted, there are about a gazillion out there, but when you notice it most suffer from the same issues :

1. Ridiculous pop up ads. This usually includes a stupid skype noise during the most intense part of your favorite anime, or an odd German car commercial.

2. Slow buffering. constant refreshing for the hopes of faster buffering.

3. Inconsistent video quality.

4. Illegal. While I admit I don’t care that much about this issue, it’s just that it translates into constant removal of videos and it gets annoying.

I was quite thrilled when I  heard that Viewster, one of the best free video streaming sites online just acquired the licensing (UK and US) of a large amount of anime series and created a category dedicated entirely to anime. Not only is the video quality superior and barely contains ads, most series can be switched from dubbed or subbed at the click of a button. I’m re-watching Samurai Champloo as we speak, but I also highly recommend you check out Casshern Sins.

Below is the full list of their ever rising anime collection.

UK :

Armitage III (4) GB, US

Dance In The Vampire Bund (12) GB, US

Deadman Wonderland (12) GB, US

El Cazador De La Bruja (26) GB, US


Girls Bravo (24) GB, US

Hellsing (13) GB, US

Is This A Zombie? (13) GB, US

Ouran High School Host Club (26) GB, US

Shuffle! (24) GB, US

Strike Witches (12) S2 GB, US


US :

Strike Witches (12) S1 US

Trigun (26) US

Vandread (26) US

Samurai Champloo (26) US

Steins Gate (24) US

Black Butler (25) US

Casshern Sins (24) US

C-Control (11) US



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