Fushigi Yugi Quotes



IMDB : Middle-school student Miaka Yki feels a lot of pressure to pass the entrance exam for the competitive Jonan Academy. Her friends do not believe she will get in, but she is determined to because her mom expects her to. Her best friend, Yui Hongo, is smart and has also applied to the Jonan Academy. While at the library one day, Miaka and Yui encounter a strange book known as The Universe of the Four Gods. As a result of reading this book, they are then transported into the novel’s universe. However, Yui is transported back to the real world almost immediately. Inside the novel Miaka discovers that she is the Priestess of Suzaku and destined to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of the god Suzaku in order to summon Suzaku and obtain three wishes.


Okay, I can handle the library being gone, but there’s no Haagen Dazs, Mr. Donuts, or Denny’s here!
Yuki Miaka (Fushigi Yugi)

Though we had to part, though we could never be together again. We had no regrets. Even if she returned to her world, married another man and had children with him. If the woman I loved was happy, then I could be happy. And I am. Our hearts had joined and so, even if she lived in a different world, that time, we really were together always, always. I would never let go of this feeling, or my love for her.
Tatara (Fushigi Yugi)

Emperor, you’re very popular with the guys.
Mitsukake (Fushigi Yugi)

I’m so beautiful it scares me!
Hotohori (Fushigi Yugi)

I will stand by your side, even when it means outlawing the rules in heaven.
Taka Sukunami (Fushigi Yugi)