Funny Anime Quotes


I’ll take a potato chip AND EAT IT!
Light Yagami (Death Note)


I’m so beautiful it scares me!
Hotohori (Fushigi Yugi)


Yusuke : back to skipping detentions.
Kuwabara : video games!
Kurama : my human mother.
Hiei : Various crimes.
(Yu Yu Hakusho)


I like the way this girl operates! She showed me her butt before she shows me her face! Is she a stripper
Onizuka (Great Teacher Onizuka)


Damn it, there’s so many idiots who’s asses I have to kick! I’ll have to start carrying a list just to keep track of them all!
Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)


Will you bear my child?
Miroku (InuYasha)


It’s irrational. It’s impossible. It’s against my religion.
Miroku (Inuyasha)


Oh, How could I forget, you have a thing for Dead Girls!
Kagome (Inuyasha)
Pain is nothing. It’s death that concerns me.
Miroku (Inuyasha)


Vash the Stampede (Trigun)


I dont like it, it smells girly!
Kuwabara Kazuma (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Why so blue green man?
Raditz (Dragonball Z)


They were traps? I thought they were attractions
Killua (Hunter X Hunter)


What tremendous strength, I bet she’s single.
Kabuto (Naruto)


I don’t care what you call me, i’m still taking your cake
L (Death Note)


Misa: I can’t even imagine a world without Light
L: Yes, it would be quite dark.
(Death Note)


My plan was perfect but there was one thing I overlooked, one factor I failed to calculate, he’s a dumbass…and there’s no accounting for Dumbass….Ness.
Agito Wanijima (Air Gear)

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