Dengeki Daisy Quotes





Anime News Network : Teru Kurebayashi, receives a phone from her recently deceased brother, containing the number of a mysterious person named DAISY. As time goes on she is supported through text messages by this person named DAISY. Then one day by chance she is suddenly helping Kurosaki Tasuku, the perverted and bad mouthed hooligan janitor at her school. But is Kurosaki really DAISY…


I thought that the flower was pretty too, the daisy that you said you loved, but I believe that you, who were always by my side, is prettier than that flower.
Kurosaki Tasuku (Dengeki Daisy)

One day, your painful memories
will definitely become the knowledge you need
to protect yourself, and the people you love.
Souichirou Kurebayashi (Dengeki Daisy)

I really like you.
or will “I love you” work better?
I don’t need anything else other than you.
Nothing else.
Kurosaki Tasuku (Dengeki Daisy)

I will never run away like before. You changed me. My strength is yours. Although you may not be content with that.
Kurebayashi Teru (Dengeki Daisy)

Somehow I’m kind of scared of her. I tend to be mean to things that I like.. but she looks like she’ll break so easily. Because of that I can’t take my eyes off her.
Kurosaki Tasuku (Dengeki Daisy)

If you hurt my princess, this faithful servant will not know what he’ll do next.
Kurosaki Tasuku (Dengeki Daisy)