Darker Than Black Quotes



Anime News Network : In Tokyo, an impenetrable field known as “Hell’s Gate” appeared ten years ago. At the same time, psychics who wield paranormal powers at the cost of their conscience also emerged. Hei is one of the most powerful of these psychic agents, and along with his blind associate, Yin, works for one of the many rival agencies vying to unlock the mysteries of Hell’s Gate.


Bearing the sins of the children of earth , the moon begins to consume its light.
Bertha (Darker Than Black)

If you pretend to feel a certain way, the feeling can become genuine all by accident.
Hei (Darker Than Black)

Wipe that smirk off your face.
Hei (Darker Than Black)

Are you looking at the stars…? In the middle of the city…? Even though the only stars you can see from here are fake?
Shinoda Chiaki (Darker Than Black)

Secondhand smoke kills, you know. It’s far worse than the fumes you inhale directly. Take diethylene, one of those nasty carcinogens your doctor might have warned you about on your last visit. Firsthand smoke has between 5.3 and 43 nanograms of diethylene, whereas, secondhand smoke has 680 and 823 nanograms.Then we’ve got quinoline, another effective one, secondhand smoke has 18,000 nanograms; 11 times more than the amount you’re sucking down firsthand. You can make the choice to blacken your lungs, but don’t expect to enforce that on me. Jack simon (Darker Than Black)

Spilled water will never return to its container.
(Darker Than Black)