Baccano! Quotes



IMDB : In the year 1711, a group of alchemists are granted an elixir of immortality, with the stipulation that they must kill each other until there can be only one. The now-immortal group unanimously decides it wasn’t worth it and destroy the elixir; but one of them, Slizard Quates, starts to kill off his fellow immortals.


Thank you! Fuck you! The villain has arrived!
Ladd Russo (Baccano!)

This world is mine. I think this world may even just be a long, long dream I’m watching. You guys may just be illusions, and it can’t be proven whether or not you really exist either. In other words, this world was created with me at the center. So what will happen if I die? I don’t know. My imagination isn’t very creative; I just can’t imagine myself dying. In other words, there is no way this world can completely disappear. But if I die, then everyone will disappear. I am the only one in this world who won’t disappear. The rest are just people I see as if in a dream. Claire Stanfield (Baccano!)

A train robbery is where you take a train to your destination, make your move, and take a train back, right?
Isaac Dian (Baccano!)

The times when you want to cry are when you have to try your hardest. That’s why I decided I’ll cry in general. Then, when I have to shed tears for a time when I really want to cry, my tears would have run dry.
Jacuzzi Splot (Baccano!)

Depending on your request, whether I will laugh or get angry, that will decide your lifespan, boy.
Ladd Russo (Baccano!)

Even though we are going to shatter thousands of lives, wearing white is gonna make the blood look so pretty.
Ladd Russo (Baccano!)