Anime Love Quotes


I love Saber,i want her to be happier than anyone…
i wish that we could be together forever…
HOWEVER…if i really do love her…then that’s wrong…i loved saber who bore many wounds
yet still fought through everything…
Emiya Shiro (Fate/stay night)


Why don’t we drink to me and my reflection in your lovely eyes?.
Cowboy Andy (Cowboy Bebop)


She may be a devil, but I still love her.
Akio Asakura (Wangan Midnight)


Heh, I guess somehow without me knowing, it just feels so natural now, to have Kagome by my side.
Inuyasha (Inuyasha)


Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.
Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura)


I want…to change things. I want to believe that anything can be changed. The moment I met you, a new world opened up for me. You see, after wandering in the darkness for so long, a light brought me happiness. It’s all thanks to you.
Chrono (Chrono Crusade)


Though we had to part, though we could never be together again. We had no regrets. Even if she returned to her world, married another man and had children with him. If the woman I loved was happy, then I could be happy. And I am. Our hearts had joined and so, even if she lived in a different world, that time, we really were together always, always. I would never let go of this feeling, or my love for her.
Tatara (Fushigi Yugi)

If you love someone, he could make you sad. He could even make you feel lonely sometimes. But that someone can also make you happier than you’ll ever be….
(Fruits Basket)


There’s no way I’d come to like a girl with such strange horns.
Then why did you…
I told you I love unusual animals…
Kohta to Lucy (Elfen Lied)


Of the days that I have lived, only those I spent with you seemed real
Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie)

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